About Pinpoint Data's Services


Experts in Data Management and Barcode Solutions

Accurate data is critical in facilitating many processes between manufacturers, retailers, and their partners. The ability to properly validate, transmit, and capture information enables many efficiencies throughout the supply chain and in numerous industry applications.


Pinpoint Data LLC specializes in the acquisition and management of data. It provides online data management tools and services, specifically in barcode creation and verification as well as family code data management and distribution for the coupon industry.


Each of Pinpoint Data's products (CouponChek®, ProductChek®, Barcode Wizard®, Family Code Manager®, Product Data Dispatcher®, Family Code Data Center®, and Promotion Manager®) produce and deliver an accurate, high quality, user-friendly, innovative, and cost effective service to manufacturers and retailers, and their agents. Additionally, there is no special software required—registered users can access the system anywhere that has Internet availability!


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Learn more about Pinpoint Data...