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About Pinpoint Data, LLC

Pinpoint Data, LLC specializes in the acquisition and management of data, and is the leading expert on barcoding and family code management for the promotions industry. Its suite of online tools has revolutionized the way manufacturers produce, validate, and communicate barcodes and associated data sets to the marketplace.

Pinpoint Data is committed to providing its clients the most innovative, highest quality and cost-effective tools and support available to the industry.

Key Services:
CouponChek® and ProductChek®, the industry's only online barcode content validation tools, have saved manufacturers thousands of dollars in fines and unintended redemptions. The Barcode Wizard® builds these same protections into an online wizard tool that instantly creates validated barcodes. To complete the circle, our Family Code Manager® and Product Data Dispatcher® products uniquely solve the pervasive problems of family code maintenance and POS distribution to retail.

Pinpoint Data has also introduced Family Code Data Center® - a service designed to streamline and standardize coupon data distribution. It will save manufacturers and retailers significant money; improve data accuracy; and substantially reduce delivery lag time.

Pinpoint Data's tools address long-standing coupon processing data communication and quality control issues and have helped its many clients avoid significant costs associated with retailer fines, clearinghouse charges and unintended redemptions.

Pinpoint Data has played an active role in guiding the entire industry, creating numerous webinars and presentations that emphasize education and instruction. These tutorials focus on all aspects of the coupon process including family codes, best practices, industry changes, and updates on existing standards.

Pinpoint Data has also contributed considerable content to the final GS1 DataBar coupon barcode industry specification. This expertise with GS1 DataBar implications has led to requests for ongoing assistance with implementation across the coupon process: from Point-of-Sale development, manufacturing and retail execution, coupon processing and third-party promotions systems implementations.

Association of Coupon Professionals (ACP)
The Promotion Marketing Assocation (PMA)
GS1 US – Certified Barcodes & eCom Solutions Partner
National Grocers Association (NGA)

How does my company start using Pinpoint Data's services?
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