Getting Started Couponing

In order to ensure a successful coupon campaign, industry standards should be followed along with general 'Best Practices' guidelines. Some things to consider are:

Have you registered with the GS1 to obtain a Company Prefix?
A Company Prefix is used to uniquely identify a company and its products and is required for standard coupons.

Have you established and distributed a coupon policy?
It is important to establish a written policy with terms for payment, and communicate it to retailers.

Are you going to use a Clearinghouse to clear your coupons?
While not required, clearinghouses handle redemption tracking and retailer billing, and offer a variety of reporting and quality control capabilities.

Have you properly created and communicated family codes?
Family Codes are 3-digit codes used to differentiate products on coupons, and need to be communicated to retailers in advance of coupon release for proper item validation.

How are you going to distribute your coupon?
There are different mediums available when issuing coupons — Free Standing Insert (FSI), tear-pad, on-pack, etc.

How will the barcode and the artwork be created?
Making sure all elements of a good coupon are included will help achieve marketing goals, and aid in proper validation and redemption.

Do you have the proper quality control checks in place?
Validating the barcode to ensure proper scan-ability, content, and format before going to print is one of the most important steps in the process.

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