About Pinpoint Data's Services


What is ProductChek™?
ProductChek™ is an online service that uses patent-pending technology to help manufacturers, commercial printers, and design agencies reduce or eliminate errors and costs associated with mis-labeling products with their UPC labels. Using Pinpoint Data's ProductChek™ service, users can scan a barcode during the production process and instantly verify the barcode's readability and content.

Why use ProductChek™?
One easy step protects manufacturers from expensive, but all-too-common mis-labeled packaging. ProductChek's simple, inexpensive process offers instant assurance that the UPC barcode on product packaging will be correct.

What's a "bad" scan?

The product barcode can't be read at all, because the barcode is improperly produced.

The barcode is readable, but contains data in an incorrect or non-standard barcode format that cannot be interpreted by supply chain or point-of-sale scan processing programs.

The barcode is readable and contains the proper data elements in an acceptable format, but contains data elements that are not properly registered with the Uniform Code Council.

The barcode is readable and contains the proper data elements in an acceptable format, but contains incorrect data elements that do not match the human-readable printed components of the label.

The barcode data contains elements that conflicts with the manufacturer's own product data elements maintained with Pinpoint's Product Data Dispatch or in published retailer product data.

What happens when a product with a bad UPC barcode is distributed?
The entire supply chain process beginning with the manufacturer, though the various distribution channels, ending with the retailer DEPENDS on accurate product UPC labeling. Automated processes use the UPC label to control distribution, monitor inventory and purchase validation at POS. An incorrect label completely disrupts the entire process. Even if the barcode can be scanned, expensive problems can still result. These can range from misreporting, incorrect coupon family code assignments and incorrect manufacturer and product identification.

How does ProductChek™ reduce the likelihood of a "bad" scan to save manufacturers the costs of mis-labeled products?
The ProductChek™ process runs the data through a patent-pending 19 step process that...

Checks that the barcode is readable

Checks that the data stored in the barcode is in an acceptable GS1-US UPC format · Checks that the data elements within the barcode contain valid GS1 identifiers

Cross checks the barcoded elements against manufacturer and retailer data correct purchase validation and product promotion.

Produces a Verification Report indicating exactly how the product label will be interpreted through out the supply chain and retail.

Provides One-Stop Resource for Product Barcode Production and New Product Registration
ProductChek™ is fully integrated with Pinpoint's other online tools including Barcode Wizard, Family Code Manager, and Product Data Dispatch. From product creation to coupon promotion, manufacturers can assure that their product data is in sync.

Pays for Itself
A single avoidance of a mis-labeled product can pay for an entire year of ProductChek™ scans!

How does my company start using ProductChek™?
Contact Pinpoint Data at (908) 756-9400 for details and pricing.