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Pinpoint Data’s Promotion Manager

What is Promotion Manager™?
Promotion Manager is a fully-integrated system which allows you and your team to easily and seamlessly manage all of your promotion programs from concept to in-market delivery. It’s a real-time solution to your planning needs, delivering consistency and accuracy, while communicating to internal and external partners. System control and full transparency is at your fingertips.

How does it work?
Promotion Manager® helps you to easily and simultaneously coordinate planning, development, marketing, budgeting and tracking aspects of your promotion programs. Using a systematic process, Promotion Manager simplifies the creation, increases clarity of communication, aides in the execution and oversees control of the promotion planning process from concept to in-market delivery.

How will Promotion Manager help my company?
All too often, planning, budgeting, marketing and review happens in a fragmented environment. This can cause disruption to your marketing plan, delay time sensitive communications and cause damage to your valued branding efforts. At its core, Promotion Manager puts the key elements of successful promotions at your fingertips, 24/7:

Build programs that are robust, accurate, impactful.

Financial visibility throughout the process.

Flawless communication of your entire promotion plans.

Capture key performance indicators for full transparency.

How does my company start using the Promotion Manager?
Contact Pinpoint Data at (908) 756-9400 or email for details and pricing.