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Pinpoint Data’s Family Code Data Center

What is Family Code Data Center™?
Family Code Data Center is an online database that electronically distributes manufacturer UPC family code assignments to retailer POS systems and other promotional mediums.

How does it work?
Family Codes are critical for proper coupon product validation at Point-of-Sale (POS). Incorrect or improperly communicated data can lead to issues at POS resulting in additional fees. Pinpoint Data’s Family Code Data Center eliminates the data gap between manufacturers and retailers by streamlining and standardizing the distribution process. It eliminates the abundance of issues that currently exist with present options available for both manufacturers and retailers resulting in incomplete and/or inaccurate data.

How will Family Code Data Center™ help my company?

Streamlines distribution and improves data accuracy
Streamlines distribution and improves data accuracy Family Code Data Center delivers family code data from the hands of the manufacturer directly to all necessary industry partners. This one-stop solution for family code maintenance and distribution simplifies the process for manufacturers and assures accurate date for all recipients.

Facilitates full benefits of GS1 DataBar coupons
Facilitates full benefits of GS1 DataBar coupons The use of Family Code data enables retailers to properly identify the valid products a coupon can be redeemed against. GS1 DataBar coupon barcodes magnify the importance of family codes with the ability to code more complex offers with up to three family codes and corresponding GS1 Company Prefixes. Family Code Data Center provides a central resource for accurate family code data that enhances DataBar coupon validation.

Universally accessible to all users
One master list of UPC Family Code assignments is available to all authorized users right online. Manufacturers can update the data instantly and the information can be accessed as required for promotion planning or validation.

In addition, Pinpoint Data provides live support to all of its clients. Regular webinars are also held to discuss product usage, as well as review industry standards and best practices.

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