About Pinpoint Data's Services


Pinpoint Data now offers manufacturers an invaluable resource for promotions development: online Family Code Management!
The GS1 DataBar's upgraded validation process will allow verification of up to three Company Prefixes as well as up to three separate Family Codes per offer. This expansion triples the risks of poorly structured and maintained Family Codes.

How does it work?
The Family Code Manager™ guides users in properly establishing and utilizing Family Code structures. Participating manufacturers supply Family Code data in digital format, or enter it directly at www.pinpoint-data.com with the easy-to-use Family Code entry page. That's it! The Family Codes are instantly displayed in a system-generated hierarchy along with counts of all products that are currently registered to each code. Changes to the Family Codes are simple, too - just click to edit or delete an entry!

How will Pinpoint's Family Code Manager™ help my company?

Instantly verifies the Family Code structure
Identifies family code structure inconsistencies or irregularities. Pinpoint's easy-to-read outline format makes missing or out-of-order levels obvious at first glance.Identifies any code assignments that do not follow GS1-US guidelines. Any Family, Summary or Super Summary codes that are not recommended or allowed by the GS1-US appear in red for immediate visibility.

Becomes a centralized resource for Product and Family Code Development and Maintenance
Provides an immediate count and detailed list of all products found in today's POS data that are assigned to each Super Summary, Summary and Family Code. Allows instant verification of real-world data in real time!Identifies all Super Summary, Summary and Family Codes that include no products in current POS data. A great tool for planning and troubleshooting.Identifies products in today's POS data that have Family Codes that are not included in your company's structure. An easy way to test new Family Code changes before implementation.And, for Product Data Dispatcher customers, users can instantly compare product family code assignments with family code structures. A great way to monitor family code usage!

Universally accessible to all of your users - worldwide!
One master list will be available to all authorized user, in any department, in any location. Allows any authorized user to update the list and assign new item Family Codes as needed. Family Code data can be downloaded to any PC with a single click of a mouse. Family Code data can be accessed as required by outside agencies for reference and promotions production.

Enhance Pinpoint Data's CouponChek™ Barcode Verification by supplying detailed Family Code data right on the certificate!
When Family Code Manager™ users verify coupon barcodes using CouponChek™, the Family Code information is automatically carried onto the CouponChek™ Verification certificate. This gives your users even more information to ensure that their coupon coding is in line with your company's promotions plans.

How does my company start using the Family Code Manager™?
Contact Pinpoint Data at (908) 756-9400 for details and pricing.