About Pinpoint Data's Services


What is Barcode Wizard™
Barcode Wizard™ is an online service that allows you to instantly create properly coded coupon and product barcodes, available for immediate download or email delivery. UPC-A/GS1-128 Coupon, GS1-99/GS1-128 Coupon, GS1 DataBar Interim Coupon, GS1 DataBar Final Coupon, UPC-A Product and UPC-E Product barcodes are supported.

How does it work?
The Barcode Wizard™ walks you through simple step-by-step selections, removing the inherent coding complexities especially magnified with GS1 DataBar coupon codes. Barcode Wizard™ then instantly creates a GS1 US-compliant coupon or product barcode, delivered electronically in .eps format.

How will Pinpoint's Barcode Wizard™ help my company?

Validates all components of the barcode during creation
While there are dozens of software products, web sites and service providers capable of producing a barcode, none of them can ensure the accuracy of barcode's content like Pinpoint Data's Barcode Wizard™. As your barcode is being produced, the Barcode Wizard™ validates all components against current GS1 US Guidelines, Manufacturer Databases and Retail POS Databases to assure that your coupon offer or product scan will be a success.

Produces high-quality images that are scaleable and platform independent
The Barcode Wizard™ produces high-quality, vector-based images (.eps format) that are platform independent, scaleable and provide complete print device parameter control.In addition to the produced image, the Barcode Wizard™ provides an immediate quality-control certificate that completely describes all aspects of the barcode and how it will redeem at POS.

Universally accessible to all of your users - worldwide!
With no special software required, barcodes can be obtained by registered users 24/7 via the Internet at www.Pinpoint-Data.com.Complete barcodes can be downloaded to any computer or emailed to any number of users with a single click of a mouse.

Provides Full GS1 Coupon DataBar Content via XML Files
The Barcode Wizard™ allows users to receive an XML attachment containing all encoded information for GS1 DataBar (Final and Interim) barcodes. This file can easily be used to import all coding details to any internal systems, or to deliver your approved barcode strings to clearinghouses or third-party promotions partners - with no additional steps!

When used in conjunction with Pinpoint's CouponChek™ Verification, Family Code Manager and Product Data Dispatcher services, the Barcode Wizard™ provides the highest level of accuracy assurance for your barcode by performing validations against Manufacturer ID, family code, offer code and product data.

How does my company start using the Barcode Wizard™?
Contact Pinpoint Data at (908) 756-9400 for details.